At Levy Britain we offer a free consultancy service to assist you in planning and implementing the Levy Strategy.

Impact Assessment

The Impact Assessment will be delivered via:-

  • Data collection – some basic data on the organisation and how it is made up should take no more than a couple of hours for the organisation to complete
  • Documentation – some key documents that will help us understand your business and in particular the training and development
  • Consultancy – 1-2 days spent with HR / Training and Development / Operational Management staff discussing the business and any key issues in the business

The Impact Assessment will provide you with:-

A report and presentation on

  • How the Levy will affect your business and how the Levy can be used to improve your business
  • Options for using and reclaiming the Levy funding for existing and new training programmes
  • Options for working with supply chains / partners with your Levy account
  • Managing Levy funding and apprenticeships

Staff Eligibility checker

We conduct short surveys with organisations to check your staffs eligibility to become an apprentice, based on their qualifications.

Executive Briefing

Key training Group are offering a 1-2 hour Executive Briefing covering the following:


  • What the levy is and why it is being introduced
  • How the levy will operate
  • Support on becoming an apprenticeship provider
  • Levy strategy

Payroll and Funding Profiler

We can assist you with the budgeting and spending of your Levy with our profiling tool. This will give you a clear indication on your monthly spending threshold.

Additional Services

Levy Management Services

Following the free support to organisations, we may expect many employers will want ongoing support to implement our recommendations, which will be a chargeable service.

These services include the below:

  • Create and implement the Apprenticeship Levy Strategy
  • Map current, planned and potential apprenticeship provision across the organisation
  • Liaise with and promote apprenticeship provision to business units / departments (current, planned and potential provision)
  • Profile apprenticeship starts (Frameworks / Standards, Learner numbers, Start Dates, Length of Stay, Price, Retention) in order to eliminate unplanned underspend or un-planned co-investment
  • Negotiate and agree price on each apprenticeship programme
  • Identify co-delivery models where the provider and employer can co-deliver a programme and the employer can reclaim some funding and customise the programme to the employer
  • Map existing provision & programmes to apprenticeships
  • Recruit new apprentices to the business
  • Identify and sign-up existing staff to undertake apprenticeship programmes, including promoting apprenticeships across the business
  • Manage providers and provision, ensuring that the provision is at the required quality
  • Manage the Digital Voucher System and approve payments to providers

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